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Pick n Pay Wine Club Pick n Pay Wine Club

Sip along with Sibongile Mafu (and her trusty plant) as she learns the ins and outs of wine – how to talk about it, where to find it and, most importantly, how to drink it!

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Episode 1: Red or White

Watch Sibongile Mafu make that all-important decision – red or white?

Episode 2: How to Open

Do you really know how to open a bottle of wine? Sibongile shows you how to (and how not to) get the job done.

Episode 3: How to Pour

Unlike milk, it’s perfectly acceptable to cry over spilt wine. Sibongile shows you how to make sure your wine lands in your glass.

Episode 4: How to Swirl

Do you spill when you swirl? As Sibongile shows, it’s all in the wrist, and hopefully, all still in the glass when you’re done.

Episode 5: What’s in the Glass

It's time to focus, people... on what's in your glass! Let’s talk about legs, colour and body.

Episode 6: How to Taste Wine

It’s the halfway mark! Sit tight, because in this episode Sibongile finally gets to taste wine!

Episode 7: How to Spit

Ignore everything you were taught; spitting is a thing and it’s all about technique.

Episode 8: Aromas & Flavours

Sibongile takes you through her cheat sheet of different varietals and what they usually taste like.

Episode 9: Getting to Know Tannin

To better understand tannin, what it is and why it’s important, Sibongile reluctantly trades her wine glass for a cup of tea.

Episode 10: Getting to Know Acidity

In this episode of Glass Act, you get to watch Sibongile’s face as she bites into a lemon and learns about the importance of acidity in wine.

Episode 11: Which White to Choose

Don’t panic, you’ve got this! Sibongile shows you that buying a bottle of white is a lot less intimidating when you know what questions to ask yourself.

Episode 12: Which Red to Choose

In the final episode of Glass Act, Season 1, Sibongile helps you buy a perfect bottle of red.