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Any bottle of wine is only as good as the setting, company and delicious morsels it’s paired with.
Find the perfect food and wine pairing by browsing our paired recipes below.

Soufflé omelette Cap Classique Soufflé omelette >

This fluffy omelette is perfect for a decadent brunch, served with a glass of sparkling wine.

Apricot and chakalaka braaied snoek Chardonnay Apricot and chakalaka braaied snoek >

Jazz up your snoek with a few South African flavour boosters and enjoy it with a glass of Chenin Blanc.

Mediterranean roast leg of lamb Shiraz Mediterranean roast leg of lamb >

This succulent roast is deceptively simple: minimal effort, maximum flavour. A full-bodied Shiraz compliments the meal.

Chocolate brownies with toasted marshmallow topping Bordeaux Blend Chocolate brownies with toasted marshmallow topping >

Serve these decadent, rich chocolate brownies with an equally rich Cabernet Sauvignon.

Harissa chicken tagine White wine blend Harissa chicken tagine >

Serve with couscous to soak up the delicious sauce - a glass of white wine on the side!

Pork and baby marrow laksa Off dry white Pork and baby marrow laksa >

This creamy coconut dish pairs beautifully with an off-dry white wine.

Italian beef ragù Cabernet Sauv / Bordeaux blend Italian beef ragù >

Warm, hearty Italian comfort food: the perfect partner to red wine.

Greek-style milk tart Tawny port / Ruby port Greek-style milk tart >

A Greek-style spin on a South African favourite. Serve with a glass of Cape Port for a sophisticated end to your meal.

Sauvignon Blanc/Chenin Blanc Fennel roasted tomatoes with baked camembert >

A great starter that’s packed with flavour and perfect for pairing with bubbles.

Chardonnay/MCC Mixed grill seafood platter >

A seafood fiesta, great for sharing! The ideal companion to a zesty white.

Shiraz Tequila sunrise beef short ribs >

Sticky sauce for finger-licking ribs! Crack open a rich red for this dish.

Shiraz Chocolate Brownie Cookies >

These chocolate biscuits with a gorgeously gooey centre pair perfectly with your favourite red or dessert wine.

Chardonnay Creamy cauliflower and crispy bacon pasta >

A hearty pasta dish – add a splash of white wine for an extra flavour punch!

Rosé Belgian-style mussels ’n chips >

Serve the mussels steaming hot with a glass of chilled wine.

Sparkling wine Roast butternut salad bowl >

Serve with ice cold sparkling wine – lunch never looked so sophisticated!

Pinotage Classic steak with mushroom sauce >

Steak with a creamy mushroom sauce: the only thing missing is a bottle of full-bodied red wine.

Sauvignon Blanc Spicy fish tacos >

These are great for Friday entertaining!

Chardonnay Creamiest wild mushroom risotto >

A luxurious, creamy Christmas vegetarian supper.

Sauvignon Blanc Smoorsnoek empanadas >

A little bit of South Africa in a traditional South American pie.

Pinot Noir/Chardonnay blend Beetroot Wellington >

This is sure to be the hero on any vegetarian table at Christmas.

Pinot Noir Roast duck with nectarine butter >

A rich and decadent bird, duck is the ideal roast for an intimate dinner.

Sparkling rose Berry panna cotta with boozy strawberries >

Convenience products take the fuss out of planning your Christmas feast.

Chardonnay White wine and olive baked fish >

The perfect meal for an outdoor affair

Dry Rosé Apple and strawberry pie >

For this recipe, fresh is best, as frozen or canned strawberries are too moist.

Sparkling Rosé Tempura broccoli with romesco sauce >

Battered and deep-fried broccoli. Delish!

Riesling Best-ever hummus with crispy lamb bits >

For best results, soak raw chickpeas in water overnight.

Grenache rosé Gravlax with sweet mustard dressing >

Use trout instead of salmon to make it affordable.

Pinotage Roasted sesame brinjals >

These sticky-sweet brinjals can become a vegetarian main meal when tossed with noodles or baby marrow spaghetti. Just double up on the sauce.

Demi-sec Soufflé au citron >

Light, lemony and the ideal way to round off a rich dinner.

Pinot Grigio Asparagus and feta galette >

Blue cheese also works well here.

Pinot Noir Chargrilled spring greens with lemon pork chops >

Smoky and crisp, these are salad greens like you’ve never tasted before.

Syrah rosé Seared tuna with grapefruit and avo salsa >

Choose an oily fish, such as salmon or mackerel, which pairs well with the tart salsa.

MCC blanc de blanc Yoghurt and cream-cheese semifreddo >

Usually made with heavy cream, this lighter version uses low-fat cottage cheese.

Merlot Quick beef stroganoff >

Save time with our cook-in mushroom sauce!

Syrah rose Roasted-squash salad with tahini dressing >

A warm, comforting salad with delicious tahini – a paste made from ground sesame seeds.

Sauvignon Blanc Hake, Swiss chard and gruyère gratin >

Salting the fish draws out excess moisture, preventing the sauce from becoming watery.

Sparkling wine Limoncello mousse pots >

The perfect ending to any meal.

Chardonnay Salted caramel and apple upside-down cake >

The sauce elevates this classic cake to new heights.

Dry Rosé Tuscan steamed fish and couscous >

This dish works well with mackerel fillets or even trusty ol’ hake.

Shiraz Genoise with choc-yoghurt frosting >

This light chocolate cake uses minimal flour and rises by aerating eggs.

Brut Sparkling wine Mushroom soup with caramelised baguette bites >

A creamy candidate for a winter dinner – simply add baguette bites to impress guests.

Chenin Blanc Dijon and chilli cauliflower cheese >

Serve this deliciously gooey, cheesy creation while steaming hot. It’s the perfect winter side dish.

Rosé Parmesan and basil carrot fries >

Transform the humble carrot into a moreish side.

Sparkling wine Pumpkin and sweet potato curry traybake >

Some vegetarian dishes also benefit from the low-and-slow treatment.

Chardonnay Mushroom, thyme and blue cheese stuffed butternut >

A meat-free option that’s anything but bland.

Rosé Zesty salmon and cucumber tartlet >

A perfect starter for a get-together.

Shiraz Chilli poppers ‘lite’ >

A mild twist on a hot classic.

Brut Rice-stuffed calamari tubes >

An easy dish that’s impressive enough to wow guests.

Pinot Noir Pot-roasted brisket >

Hearty and comforting.

Sparkling White Wine Cheese puffs >

The French call these moreish savoury bites gougères.

Chenin Blanc Cape Malay pickled fish >

Easter in SA wouldn’t be the same without it.

Chenin Blanc Deep-fried goat’s cheese with fig dressing >

Goat cheese has a tangy flavour that pairs well with bright and acidic wines like rosé.

Sauvignon Blanc Crustless fennel, leek and spinach tartlets >

The acidity of white wine cuts through the richness of quiche

Dry rosé Nagoya-style chicken >

An adaptation of a Japanese classic

Merlot Deluxe spaghetti bolognaise >

Cinnamon provides a twist in the plot of this classic recipe.

Sparkling White Wine Olive oil mayo with fritto misto >

Pairing this meal with sparkling wine will transport you to the Italian Riviera.

Pinot Noir Fillet medallions with red wine reduction >

Open a bottle of Haute Cabriѐre Reserve Pinot Noir to both make the sauce *and* serve with your feast.

Sauvignon Blanc Passion fruit cheesecake traybake >

White chocolate is best paired with Sauv Blanc!

Sparkling White Wine/Brût Fig and goat’s cheese tartlet >

A delicious quiche with a hint of sweetness

Dry rosé Prawn and melon salad >

An exotic starter for two

Sauvignon Blanc Green eggs and ham >

A posh version of avocado on toast

Viognier Rum and orange glazed gammon >

The citrus flavours in this white grape pairs well with the glaze.

Dry rosé Hummus and falafel platter >

A plant-based feast for sharing.

Cabernet Sauvignon Spicy chicken-liver pâté >

The earthy flavours of Cabernet Sauvignon compliment inexpensive chicken livers perfectly.

Rosé MCC Brut Wreath platter >

Mix and match your favourite fruit and cheese as you please.

Pinot Noir Asian pork ribs >

Rich red wines are just the thing to enjoy with succulent ribs

Sparkling Wine Creamy mozzarella, spanspek and fennel salad >

Sweet bubblies will pair perfectly with the subtle fruity flavours of the melon

Chenin Blanc Prosciutto-wrapped figs with baked camembert >

Brush figs with honey before baking for more flavour.

Sweet Rosé Moules-frites with aïoli >

The aïoli adds a tangy flavour to the dish.

Brut Continental breakfast with cheat’s jam >

All the flavour and none of the effort.

Merlot Smoky chorizo burger >

This classic, king of all takeaways takes a trip to Spain.

Riesling Prawn tails with Bloody Mary sauce >

A modern take on retro shrimp cocktail

Rosé Spanish-style prawns >

The perfect seafood break to enjoy with a chilled glass of rosé.

Pinot Noir Sunshine sangria >

A Spanish favourite

SAUVIGNON BLANC Pork chops on creamy crushed cauliflower >

The acidity of Sauvignon Blanc will pair wonderfully with these juicy pork chops.

Cabernet Sauvignon Rib eye on the bone with caper and herb butter >

Herby melted butter topped on a thick and juicy steak to enjoy with a glass of red.

Brut rosé Rosemary and honey cheesecake >

Rosemary is surprisingly compatible with dessert.

CHENIN BLANC Ginger and papaya chicken flattie >

The sweetness of the papaya balances out the smokey flavour.

CHARDONNAY Spicy Korean fishcakes >

A fragrant version of everyday fishcakes.

SAUVIGNON BLANC Chargrilled vegetable and
hummus salad >

A hearty vegetarian main or side for the braai.

PINOTAGE Chocolate lava fondants >

A classic dinner-party show stopper!

RED BLEND Herby lamb chops >

This marinade is great with beef and pork too!

MERLOT Thai beef salad >

Tender strips of beef tossed in a delicious Asian dressing.

MERLOT Carpaccio of Bresaola with fresh figs, mascarpone and parsnip >

Try this starter with a bottle of Kleine Zalze.

Sangiovese Tuscan bean and bread soup >

Called ribollita in Italy, this is traditionally a vegetable soup, but we've added meat to make it extra hearty.

dry rosé Wasabi-spiked pea poké bowls >

A fresh Hawaiian salad that makes a light supper.

Dry rosé Bruschetta with greens and whipped feta >

A little spring-inspired snacking in winter never hurt anyone.

brut rosé Best-ever blondies >

Good enough to convert the chocolate-brownie fans.

brut sparkling wine Tomato and goat’s cheese tarts >

An elegant appetiser to serve at your next get-together.

Dry sparkling wine Honey, almond and polenta cake >

A dense and moist cake with the natural sweetness of honey.