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Creating Moments and Memories with Haute Cabrière

Warwick Estate: Winemakers who value quality without comprise.

A farm steeped in history, run by a family of young team members who believe in producing quality over quantity, and set against the slopes of the Simonsberg Mountain, this is Warwick Estate.

By Pick n Pay Wine Club

When you think of Warwick wine, the words “First Lady” are probably the first to pop into your mind. You may associate Warwick with delicate rosés and deep reds, but the real magic of Warwick wines, is found in the passion of its winemaker, JD Pretorius.

From forest courtyards and picnics to tasting rooms, Warwick Estate is fun for everyone
Did you know? Norma Ratcliffe became one of the Cape’s first female winemakers, whose legacy is immortalised in the Warwick “First Lady” range.

Developing Warwick

It was when Stan and Norma Ratcliffe bought the estate in 1964 and started developing the land that the true essence of Warwick wines emerged. With their focus on cultivating classic Bordeaux varieties like Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon, Warwick began its steady rise to the forefront of South Africa’s wine scene.

The Blue Lady

While most people will be aware of the very popular “First Lady” range, many may not be aware that the very first lady was blue! Yes, you read correctly – in 1984, the first wine produced by the Warwick label was called “La Femme Bleu” or the “Blue Lady” as it is known today. In years to come the winery would go on to produce even more wines, such as the introduction of the Warwick Trilogy in 1986, which has since received international acclaim and garnered many accolades and awards.

Continuing the legacy

Today, Norma’s legacy is maintained under the watchful eye of another incredible lady and the new Warwick CEO, Christiane Von Arnim, along with her young team who represents the next generation of the SA wine industry. In early 2019, JD Pretorius joined the Warwick team to head up the vineyard and cellar, in order to translate the wonderful terroir of Warwick Estate into wines that the world can continue to enjoy and connect with. JD has a number of notable awards, highly rated wines in his cache, and has recently been invited to join the ranks of the prestigious Cape Winemakers’ Guild.

Into the future

The Warwick Estate continues to push forward and is proud to introduce their latest offerings: Professor Black Sauvignon Blanc and Professor Black Pitch Black. The first, a classic Stellenbosch single varietal Sauvignon Blanc, and the other a show stopping Bordeaux blend. Inspired by the heritage reds of old; the blend contains a percentage of tank fermented Cinsault

An estate for all

So, whether you’re looking for a romantic setting for your wedding, a versatile yet beautiful space for a corporate function or you just want to enjoy a Saturday picnicking on the lawn with your family and friends, enjoying delicious food and wine, Warwick Estate is the place for you. To find out more, visit their website.

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