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Pick n Pay


Earn points together as a family effectively and conveniently

Switch and share points between primary, secondary and collector Smart Shopper cards.
How It Works

The primary smart shopper card holder is the family member who does most ofthe shopping.

The SECONDARY smart shopper card holder is the family member who occasionally helps out with the shopping and links their card to the primary card.

The COLLECTOR smart shopper card holder is any minor in the household who is too young to manage household points.


Any Questions?

Let’s clear up any questions you might have about primary, secondary or collector Smart Shopper cards holders.
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and start earning points faster!

To link your household’s cards, all you need to do is complete the household account application form.

Download it here and fax it to 0860 40 40 40 or scan and email it to


If you have any questions, please call our CUSTOMER CARE LINE on 0800 11 22 88.