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Get your pool summer ready the GROCERY GENIUS way

Keeping your pool clean doesn’t need to be an Olympic-sized task. Shop pool cleaning supplies the smart way with Grocery Genius and enjoy easy repeat deliveries. (It’s free to set-up!)

How it works

Pick your pool products

Select the products from our pool shop and add them to your trolley.

Monthly maintenance, on repeat

Check out as usual and pick your monthly subscription when selecting your delivery slot.

Pause, re-start or amend – whatever floats your boat

Edit your subscription anytime with no cancellation or upfront fees, plus free returns.
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Start filling your trolley

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Pool Maintenance Tips

Shock your Pool the right way

Shocking means raising the chlorine levels for a little while to kill bacteria. It should be done at least twice a season or whenever the water looks murky.

Brush, skim, swim, repeat

This should become like brushing your teeth, something you automatically do on a daily basis to keep things clean. Skim leaves and debris from the water surface with a net skimmer everyday.

Keep it clean with tennis balls

The natural fibres from tennis balls can absorb oils from sunscreen, suntan oil and conditioner so toss one or two into the skimmer basket or right into the pool itself. Replace the balls when they start to show wear and tear.

Test your water

If a pool's pH level is at 7.2 or higher it can significantly reduce the pool chemicals effectiveness. Make sure you test the pH level two or three times a week and use a pH increaser or reducer in order to bring the level to the proper range.