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Put your shopping on auto with Pick n Pay Subscriptions and re-stock without a stop at the shops!

How it works

Book your scheduled delivery slot

Set your weekly or monthly subscription when selecting your delivery slot.
Book a slot

Pick your products

Stock up on your regular groceries and daily essentials so you never run out.
Then checkout as usual.

Re-stock on your clock

Pause, re-start or amend your subscription anytime with no cancellation or upfront fees, plus free returns.
Manage Subscriptions

No Surprises

We’ll always remind you 3 days before your next order is delivered, and you’ll still have time to amend, reschedule or cancel your order.

Open up a whole new world of smarter shopping with Grocery Genius, the auto re-stock service that allows you to set an automatic delivery every week or month so you never run out of things that always run out.

Enjoy added peace of mind with Grocery Genius and stay safe with contactless deliveries every week or month. Simply set it and forget it!

We've created a smarter shopping list for you that automatically adds your most bought items to one convenient list

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You earn Smart Shopper points on all subscription orders.

PnP Smart Shopper

Frequently asked questions

How do I set my delivery date?

Once you've selected your delivery frequency, scroll down to the delivery slot grid and choose the slot you'd like for your first scheduled delivery.

If you've chosen weekly deliveries, your delivery will always arrive on the day of the week you've selected. If you've chosen monthly deliveries, your delivery will always arrive on the date of the month you've chosen. For example, if you choose 12 March 2019:

For weekly deliveries, your delivery will always arrive on a Tuesday.

For monthly deliveries, your delivery will always arrive on the 12th of the month.

How does subscription product pricing work?

Because product prices may differ slightly from day to day based on promotions, variable weight pricing and so on, your subscription totals may also differ slightly per order.

Usually, subscription orders are automatically generated two weeks in advance for monthly subscriptions, and six days in advance for weekly subscriptions. You'll be charged the price of each product on the day the order is generated.

Can I add or remove items from my subscription, or change quantities, once my subscription is active?

Yes, you can amend your subscription at any time, just like a regular Pick n Pay Online order. Simply log in, navigate to View & Amend your orders, and amend your subscription.

Bear in mind that if we've already reserved payment for your upcoming scheduled delivery (this usually takes place the night before delivery), then any changes to your subscription will only come into effect from the following week or month's order.