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Get more savings with personalised discounts

How to claim your Personalised Discounts

Ensure your Smart Shopper card is registered and that you are opted-in to communications.
If you have done so, we will send you personal discounts tailored to what you buy most. You can view your discounts on the PnP Mobile app, in-store kiosk or online. Load them onto your Smart Shopper card before you shop and use them to save on in-store and online purchases! Make sure that the contact information you have added is valid.

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Viewing your discounts

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Can I redeem my Smart Shopper discount vouchers when I shop online?


How do I redeem my Smart Shopper personalised discount vouchers online?

  • Make sure you've linked your Smart Shopper card to your profile.
  • Haven't linked your card yet? Click here to see how or check whether your card is already linked.
  • Once your card is linked to your profile, simply load your vouchers to your Smart Shopper card, add the item/s to your cart and check-out. Remember that you can use your vouchers online and in-store.
  • Learn more on how to shop your personalised discounts offers.

How do I shop my offers?

Once you've loaded them onto your card, simply shop those items and add to trolley.

How do I know my discounts have been applied?

They will reflect in the promotional savings in your trolley on checkout.

Can I load my Smart Shopper discounts online?

Yes, click here to see how.

I know I have Smart Shopper discounts, but I can't see them online. Why?

Try logging out and back in again. Still no luck? Please contact Customer Care for more information.

Do I qualify for instant Smart Shopper discounts when I shop online?

Yes you do.

Can I use my paper Smart Shopper vouchers when I shop online?

Unfortunately not. However, we are working hard to make this available to our online shoppers in the near future.

What happens to my personalised discount vouchers reserved for my order when I cancel my order or remove the product from my order?

The voucher/s will still be available for your next shop, as long as they haven't expired before you cancel your order.

How are personalised discounts applied to my order?

Discounts apply based on the date you place your order. This means, if you:

  • Amend your order and add a product on a Smart Shopper promotion that started after your order is placed, then you will not receive the discount.
  • Amend your order and add a product that was on promotion the day you place your order, then you will still get the discount.

Where do I see what personalised vouchers are reserved for my order?

Order confirmation mailer. You can also see them once you've checked out. You can also see them on your order confirmation mailer.

What happens to my discount voucher reserved for my order when the item is out of stock?

These will reflect on your order confirmation mailer. You can also see them once you've checked out.

How does Smart Shopper discounts and subscriptions work?

Personalised discounts will be applied on the day that your subscription order is prepared and will be applied if loaded to the card. Please note that this will also depend on the availability of items.