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Sunlight Summer Sensations 2-in-1 Auto Washing Liquid 1.5L

Sunlight 2in1 Automatic Washing Liquid leaves laundry with a sensational clean and long-lasting fragrance.
Add a cap of Sunlight Auto Semi-Concentrated Laundry Liquid to every washing load to give your clothes the brightest and freshest clean. Made with the best that Sunlight offers, it leaves laundry with a sensational clean and long-lasting fragrance. Trust Sunlight's proven cleaning power to get your laundry clean, stain-free, and wonderfully fresh-smelling. Sunlight Automatic Washing Liquid is suitable for use in top-loader or front-loader washing machines and twin tubs. It's semi-concentrated, so it lasts for longer, giving you better value for money wash after wash. For a hassle-free laundry day, start by sorting your washing into two piles, one not too dirty, and another of dirty clothes. Pop into the washing machine and add just a capful of detergent liquid. Add a little extra for a rather dirty load. Select your washing machine cycle and wait. You'll enjoy Sunlight's summery fresh fragrance as you hang your washing up to dry. Sunlight offers a full range of dishwashing, laundry and house cleaning solutions to make your life easier. For laundry, there is a 2in1 Hand Washing powder and an automatic washing powder, as well as the automatic washing liquid. All Sunlight laundry products are beautifully fragranced for a fresh and clean smell.
1 Cap = 1 Wash Machine wash instructions Best suited for top loaders 1 Cap = 75ml Toploader: 1.5 cap Frontloader: 1 cap Light soil: Reduce dosage Dose into a tray HINT: For very dirty areas, dab a little bit of the liquid directly onto it!* *Test on inside of your fabric first

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