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Sunlight Regular Degreasing Dishwashing Liquid Detergent Refill 750ml

Sunlight Regular Degreasing Dishwashing Liquid Detergent Refill is a trusted dishwashing detergent for clean and shiny dishes every time. The Triple Action Power of Sunlight liquid detergent cuts through grease fast, removes tough dirt, and shines your dishes with no residue. Thanks to the degreasing power of real lemon juice, this dishwashing liquid makes washing dishes faster and easier. What's more, it leaves a delicate lemon scent on your dishes. Just a squeeze of Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid is enough to degrease and shine crockery, utensils, plastic and stainless-steel surfaces. With Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid, a little goes a long way. How to use Sunlight dishwashing liquid: 1. Fill the sink with warm water and add just a squeeze of dishwashing liquid under running water. Warmer water helps to degrease dishes. 2. Mix well to create a thick foam before adding your dishes. Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid makes dish washing faster and easier and leaves your dishes sparkling clean, fresh-smelling and residue free. Generations of South Africans have trusted Sunlight to help them keep their dishes clean and grease free. With Sunlight dishwashing liquid, it's easier than ever. This dishwashing liquid is formulated to remove tough dirt, grease and residue ensuring your dishes shine with every wash.

  • A degreasing dishwashing liquid detergent refill with Triple Action Power for clean and fresh-smelling dishes.
  • Trust Sunlight for degreasing, dirt removal and residue-free shine, every time.
  • Sunlight dishwashing detergent uses real lemon juice for its degreasing power and fresh scent.
  • This expert dishwashing liquid leaves your dishes bright and sparking clean.
  • Sunlight dishwashing liquid makes washing dishes faster and easier, and comes in a handy pouch for better value.
  • Just a squeeze of this liquid detergent is enough for spotless results.


How to use: 1. Grab your Sunlight bottle and twist the cap off . 2. Cut along the dotted line to open your refill pack. 3. Carefully pour the liquid into your Sunlight bottle. 4. Pop the cap back on. Get washing! DO NOT DILUTE. For best degreasing results, fill sink with water, add a squeeze of SUNLIGHT Lemon 100 dishwashing liquid and mix to create a thick foam before adding your dishes.

Surfactants, Solubilisers, Colourants, Perfume

Allergen Warnings
Contains isothiazolinones

If swallowed, drink milk and consult a doctor. Eye contact: flush with water, if irritation persists consult a doctor Keep out of reach of children and pets.

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