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Skip Auto Anti-Ageing Washing Powder 2kg

Skip Auto Washing Powder with Fibre Care Technology™ is formulated to fight the five signs of ageing in fabrics, helping clothes to last longer.
Skip Automatic Washing Powder with scientifically formulated Fibre Care Technology™ keeps clothes and linens clean and looking like new, wash after wash. Laundry with Skip auto wash is not a chore, but a pleasure. Skip works to protect the fibres in clothes that degenerate over time during wearing and machine washing. Skip's advanced enzyme technology cleans, removes stains and cares for fabrics. Normal regular washing weakens the fibres of fabrics, breaking them down over time so that clothes tear more easily or develop little holes. Skip fights the five signs of ageing in clothing: it maintains colour; protects white fabrics; removes bobbles; prevents roughness, and gets rid of stains. Add one scoop of Skip Automatic Washing Powder to the detergent compartment in your top loader washing machine or front loader washing machine. Do not apply directly to fabrics. Skip Auto is perfect for use in all makes and types of washing machine. Don't forget to check your clothing item care label for more information on taking care of specific fabrics and items. Zips, buttons and decorative details can catch on clothing and weaken it while in the washing machine. Remove loose trims and make sure buttons and other details are secured to the clothing before washing.
Washing Tips Linen: To avoid creasing in the wash avoid over spinning. Always follow garment label washing instructions Denim: Always wash inside out and iron whilst damp Refer to the dosage instructions for best results How much to use: Front loader: medium soiled picture of 2 shirts--> 1 full scoop (+-180 ml); Top Loader: medium soiled picture of 2 shirts--> 1 1/2 scoops (+-270ml); Twin tub: medium soiled picture of 2 shirts--> 1 1/4 scoops (+-225ml). NOT RECOMMENDED FOR HANDWASH. Remember underdosing causes grey washing! For hard water areas: Dose 10ml More. Dose directly into automatic dispenser drawer. Do not apply directly to fabrics. Note- For heavy soiling increase dosage.

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