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PnP Chicken Alfredo Bake 1kg

With ham and mushrooms in a rich sauce, topped with cheese.

  • Italian inspired flavours.


Keep refrigerated and use within use by date. Suitable for home freezing for up to 1 month.

Salt, Water, Wheat Flour (Gluten), Butter (Milk), Milk, Modified Maize Starch, Lemon Juice, Vegetable Oil (sunflower seed, canola seed, TBHQ), Irradiated Herbs and Spices (mustard), Imitation Cream (buttermilk [milk], vegetable oil [sunflower seed], cream [milk], modified maize starch, emulsifier, stabiliser, acidity regulator, colourant), Penne Pasta (33%)(durum wheat semolina [gluten]), Chicken (7%), Ham (6%)(pork, dextrose, modified corn-starch, maltodextrin phosphate, wheat fibre, ascorbic acid, curing agent [sodium citrate, sodium nitrite], colourant), Vegetables (mushroom [5%], onion, garlic), Mozzarella Cheese (3%)(milk, starter cultures, microbial rennet, salt), Stock (milk solids [whey powder, buttermilk powder], maltodextrin, vegetable powder, yeast extract, soya powder [wheat], hydrolysed vegetable protein [soya], sugar, flavouring [soya, gluten], flavour enhancer, vegetable oil [sunflower seed, TBHQ, vitamin E], free flowing agent, dehydrated vegetables [onions, celery, garlic, leeks, mushroom]), Worcestershire Sauce (molasses, modified starch, colourant, spices, preservative [sodium benzoate], stabiliser), Pecorino cheese (milk, calcium chloride, microbial enzymes, preservative [lysozyme(egg)], microbial rennet, starter cultures, salt), Margarine (vegetable oils and fats [sunflower seed and/or rapeseed and/or linseed and / or palm fruit and/or palm kernel and/or coconut fat, hydrogenated fat (palm kernel and/or coconut fat)], whey powder [milk], emulsifiers, preservatives [sodium benzoate and/or potassium sorbate], acidity regulator, colourant, flavouring, Vitamin A and D)

  • Wheat
  • Gluten
  • Milk
  • Soya
  • Egg

Allergen Warnings
Contains sulphur dioxide and sesame seeds

Serving Suggestions
Serve with a PnP Garlic Bread and side salad.

Per 100 g/ml
Per Serving (250)
639 kJ 1597.5 kJ
7.6 g 19 g
15 g 37.5 g
  of which total sugar
0.9 g 2.25 g
Total Fat
6.5 g 16.25 g
  of which saturated fat
3.6 g 9 g
   monounsaturated fat
1.5 g 3.75 g
   polyunsaturated fat
0.9 g 2.25 g
   trans fat
<0.1 g <0.1 g
Dietary Fibre
0.7 g 1.75 g
Total Sodium
421 mg 1052.5 mg

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