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PnP Briquettes 4kg

Give the greatest fuel to your well prepared meat. With our braai briquettes, you're off to a good start because they ignite quickly and easily and burn for a long time. You will only be able to taste pure food because it is entirely natural and has no additional chemicals.

  • Made from renewable resources
  • 100% natural product
  • No chemical binders used


Stand the unopened paper bag in your braai, light each side of the top of the bag. When the flames have died down and ash has appeared on the briquettes (about 40 minutes after lighting), spread the briquettes evenly across the braai. The braai may be"topped up" using any good quality briquettes.

Store in a cool, dry place.

Never use indoors, proper ventilation is essential, Never allow children near or leave a lit braai unattended, Never attempt to light using petrol, methylated spirits or other flammable liquids, Never pour any flammable liquid, even proper braai lighting fuel onto a lit or warm braai - it can cause a dangerous flash flame, Never place hot ash into a dustbin - wait until they are cold, Never try to cook over flames - it burns the outside of food without properly cooking the inside.

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