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Joko Regular Tagless Tea Bags 100s

Joko Back Tea Teabags offer a richly flavoured natural, healthy tea that you can enjoy all day long.
Joko admires the strength of South African women. For many years they have been the inspiration behind the unique blend that delivers a quality cup of tea. Joko represents the strong South African female with many responsibilities, who knows how important it is to take a deep breath and indulge in a moment alone to reset and unwind. With a rich heritage in tea, Joko has been providing South Africans with a strong flavoured, high-quality tea for over 100 years. This is because master blenders at Joko select only the best leaves to deliver that strong, rich flavour in every sip. Brewed from only the finest African leaves, Joko tea is the strength of Africa in every cup. To enjoy a cup of Joko Black Tea at teatime, use one teabag per cup of tea. Boil a kettle and pour freshly boiled water over the tea bag. Brew for 3-5 minutes, then strain and enjoy delicious hot tea. Try our Rooibos range for a caffeine free option, including Rooibos with Honeybush, African Marula and Chamomile Marula teabags. Joko tea range is sure to provide something for everyone! Joko has joined with POWA to stand up against domestic violence. Visit to find out more.
To enjoy Joko tea at its best, use 1 bag per cup(guideline only). Pour freshly boiled water over the tea and brew for 3-5minutes with stirring , for full flavour release.

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