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Glen Tagless Tea Bags Regular 100s

Put on the kettle and enjoy a cup of strong, rich Glen black tea with friends.
A strong, fresh cup of Glen tea has brought people together over the past 70 years. Sharing each other's company, conversation, laughter and of course a good cup of strong tea. Many things change in our world, but the joy we get from sharing a cup of Glen tea remains unchanged. To create a real community, we want to awaken unconscious bias, overcome prejudice, find common ground and promote global equality. Glen helps to do this by facilitating genuine connections between people over a delicious cup of tea. Glen Black Tea tagless teabags have a strong, rich, delicious taste that is perfect for a pot of tea with friends any time of day. Come together with neighbours and friends to share food, news, and the delicious taste of Glen Tea. To enjoy Glen tea at its best, use 1 tea bag per cup (guideline only). Pour freshly boiled water from the kettle over the teabag and brew whilst stirring for 3-5 minutes for full flavour release, or to your preferred strength. Glen Tea has introduced a Rooibos flavour range that that has wellness benefits but also delivers a delicious soft Rooibos taste. To ensure freshness, store tea in an airtight container, away from strong odours, heat, light and moisture.

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