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Feline Cuisine Adult Chicken & Rice 2kg

Feline Cuisine for Adult Cats 1+ year is Rich in Chicken & Rice and is scientifically formulated by animal nutritionists to deliver optimum taste enjoyment and overall well-being. The addition of Fresh Meat delivers veterinary level protein @ 34%

  • Rich in chicken & rice.
    Urinary tract health:
    Clinically proven to assist in maintaining urinary tract health.
    Dental health:
    Contains calcium and phosphorus to protect teeth throughout the cat's life.
    Eyesight & cardiac health:
    Contains taurine to help maintain good eyesight and cardiac function.
    Healthy immune system:
    Contains a combination of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin E & selenium, which act as antioxidants promoting a healthy immune system.
    Skin & coat:
    Contains omega 3 & 6 fatty acids to promote healthy skin and a shiny coat.
    Delicious taste:
    Vacuum coated kibbles to deliver a highly delicious taste sensation.
    Made with fresh meat.


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