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Fat Bastard Merlot 750ml

When Thierry and Guy first created these delicious wines, they did it with gusto. They poured their hearts, souls and great dollops of generosity into every bottle. In fact, it was a great big discovery (in winemaking terms) that led to the name 'FAT bastard.' It comes from having left the wine on the lees for a lot longer than usual, which allowed it to develop more fully and completely. And when tasted, there was simply no other way to describe it other than: 'Well, now that's a FAT bastard!'This tradition of creating full-bodied wines to be enjoyed with bellyfuls of laughs and good-natured cheer continues today. Our winemakers give nothing short of their all when meticulously nurturing them to perfection. Whether it's a celebration, a kuier or a 'COME ON OVER!', there's a FAT bastard (or two) waiting to be opened.


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