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Domestos Pine Rim Toilet Block 55g

Make cleaning easy with the hard-working Domestos 5 in 1 Rim Block.
Supercharge your toilet with the Domestos Power 5 Toilet Block. With every flush, you can enjoy the following benefits for your toilet: 1. Rich Foam. 2. Limescale Prevention. 3. Long Lasting Fragrance. 4. Shine. 5. Dirt Removal. This hard-working toilet cleaner keeps one of the most busy areas of your home sanitised. Your toilet bowl is the most common place for germs to breed, especially if limescale builds up around and under the rim. The fresh, airy scent of Domestos Pine disinfectant toilet block acts as an air freshener while it keeps your toilet clean. To keep your family healthy, you need to use safe and effective sanitation products in your bathroom. When your bathroom is hygienically clean, you can trust that your home is a safe environment for a healthy growing family. Domestos Rim Block helps to keep your bathroom brilliantly clean, sanitised and fresh-smelling. For the most effective clean use Domestos Pine Toilet Block with Domestos Thick Bleach, together, they are a killer combination to keep your toilet and home healthy and sanitised. How to use: 1. Unfold hanger and break plastic lock. 2. Hang over the toilet rim where the flow of water is strongest. Please dispose of any excess material remaining in the pack after removing the product. 3. Wash hands thoroughly after handling.
Hang product over rim of the toilet bowl ensuring it is in the flow of water.

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