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COMFORT Elegance Concentrated Fabric Conditioner 800ml

Concentrated laundry detergent for clothes with exceptional softness and long-lasting fragrance.
Treat your clothes and your senses to Comfort Elegance Concentrated Fabric Conditioner. The encapsulated fragrance technology infuses laundry with scents that release bursts of fragrance as you move. Comfort fabric softener helps your clothes to dry faster, reduces static, and makes ironing easier, so it saves you time and effort on laundry day as well. Faster drying and less ironing also helps clothes to last longer, maintaining colour. Comfort fabric softener is concentrated, so you need less per wash for better results and save storage space. This 800ml pack gives you 20 washes, as much as a regular 2L softener. To use, pour 1 cap (40ml) of Comfort Elegance Concentrated Fabric Softener into the specified drawer of your front-loading washing machine when you add your washing powder or laundry liquid. For top loading washing machines, use the specified drawer or follow machine manufacturer's instructions. Do not pour directly onto clothes. For hand washing, use 1 cap (40ml) for a regular load (20 shirts), or 1/2 cap (20ml) for a small load (10 shirts). Do not dilute. Wash your hands after use. Make Comfort Concentrated Fabric Conditioner a part of your laundry routine for long-lasting fragrance and clothes that are beautifully soft and easy to manage.
DO NOT DILUTE Front Loader: Dose in a specified drawer. Top Loader: Dose in a specified drawer. 1 cap/ 40ml Handwashing, small loads (10 shirts): Add in the final rinse water. 1/2 cap / 20ml Handwashing, regular loads (20 shirts): Add in the final rinse water. 1 cap / 40ml

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