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Inverroche Coco Capensis Gin 750ml

Capensis refers to that which originates from, or which belong to, the Cape. It is the Latin name for the region known as the Cape, at the Southern tip of Africa. A place we all call home. It is here, in the heart of the Cape Floral Kingdom that we harvest the very blooms, roots and berries that sustained us millennia ago, to create this tribute to nature and our common origins. An elegant, smooth and well-balanced, dry gin with a nuanced floral and fruit profile.

  • A marriage between traditional gin botanicals and a bouquet of fragrant, flora, hand harvested from this historically significant biome. Opening with Rose Pelargonium, cherry blossoms and strawberry shortcake. Layered and complex with ripe Raspberries on entry. Hibiscus adds a sherbet edge, followed by the gentle heat of ginger buchu and a long and cool finish of rose petals lingering on the edge of the tongue.


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