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Vaseline Men Body Lotion Soothing 400ml

Vaseline MEN Soothing Body Lotion with hemp seed oil provides long lasting hydration and soothes skin.
Vaseline MEN Soothing Body Lotion is a refreshing lotion with a subtle herbal scent that helps soothe and smooth dry skin. Hemp seed oil is proven to be hydrating and anti-inflammatory, and it doesn't block pores. It soothes itchiness caused by dry skin, and deeply hydrates to leave your skin feeling smooth. The Vaseline MEN body range has been specifically formulated with male skin care needs in mind. Generally, men's skin is both oilier and tougher than women's skin, and it needs a strong moisturizer that will penetrate deeply without leaving a greasy feel. This body lotion with high glycerin levels is proven to provide 48-hour moisturizing. Daily exposure to environmental conditions (like wind, lack of humidity and sun) can cause your skin's natural barriers to break down, allowing important moisture to escape. The micro-droplets of Vaseline Jelly in this lotion lock in moisture to soothe and strengthen the skin's natural barrier. Vaseline body lotion is the ideal solution for relieving everyday dryness. Suitable for use on sensitive skin, the light, fast-absorbing and non-greasy formula leaves your skin feeling clean and fresh. Apply daily to restore moisture and relieve dryness without any greasiness. Vaseline's expertise in skin care has stood the test of time. Trust Vaseline to soothe and protect your skin, every day.

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