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Sunlight Summer Dew Fabric Softener 2L

Laundry comes out feeling soft and smelling great when you use Sunlight fabric conditioner.
Sunlight Summer Dew Fabric Softener will leave your clothes with a sensational fragrance and the softness that you will love. This fabric softener saves you time and effort on laundry days with quicker drying times, fewer creases and reduced ironing effort. Even the most delicate of fabrics are protected, maintaining their quality and shape wash after wash. Sunlight is a joy to use on your favourite garments, fluffy towels and more. Sunlight Summer Dew Fabric Softener is perfect for use in either hand washing or machine washing to ensure that your clothes are protected, gently fragranced and soft. To use, Sunlight Fabric Softener Refill: Cut open the sachet and pour into an empty Sunlight Fabric Softener bottle. Add water to fill. Shake gently to mix. To use Sunlight Fabric Softener in your washing: Use 1 cap or 100ml for the washing machine, or use 2/3 cap or 60ml for handwashing. Do not pour directly onto clothes. Do not add bleach, starch or washing powder to your final rinse. Wash hands after use. Sunlight has been one of South Africa's most trusted household brands for over 100 years. The classic green Sunlight laundry bar is now part of a range of Sunlight products designed to provide gentle, thorough care for your laundry.
DOSING INSTRUCTIONS FOR FULL WASH All washing machines = 1 cap/ 100ml Handwash = 2/3 cap/ 60ml

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