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Handy Andy Lavender Fresh Concentrated Floor and Multipurpose Cleaner Refill 200ml

Handy Andy Lavender Fresh Concentrated Floor and Multipurpose Cleaner Refill gives your floors an impeccable shine and leaves them 99.9% germ free. This economical and environmentally friendly concentrated refill makes 750ml floor and multipurpose cleaner from just 200ml concentrate. Formulated with the disinfectant power of Domestos, this hygienic floor and multipurpose cleaner easily cuts though stubborn dirt and grease with no need to rinse. Suitable for multiple surfaces and provides your home with a fresh, long-lasting fragrance. You can enjoy a home that looks and smells great with Handy Andy's fresh, long-lasting fragrance. Once diluted, Handy Andy floor and multipurpose cleaner can be used on laminate flooring, tiles or polished concrete, so you can have shiny clean floors and surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom and all areas of your home. To dilute and achieve beautiful results: 1) Pour 200ml concentrated refill into your empty 750ml bottle. 2) Add 550ml water. 3) Close lid and shake well to mix. 4) Sweep or vacuum your floor before cleaning to remove loose dust. 5) Pour 3 caps of Handy Andy floor and multipurpose cleaner in a bucket of water and submerge the best mop for your floor type. 6) Wipe over surface with a mop or cloth. 7) For better shine results, wipe with a dry cloth.

  • Concentrated floor and multipurpose cleaner refill that disinfects floors and other surfaces while adding shine.
  • Concentrated refill pack for economical and environmentally friendly multipurpose cleaner.
  • Handy Andy Lavender Fresh Floor and Multipurpose Cleaner contains acti-shine technology, suitable for multiple surfaces.
  • Handy Andy cleaning products, combined with the germ killing power of Domestos, leave your home germ free and smelling great.
  • Floor and multipurpose cleaner that kills 99.9% of germs.
  • Handy Andy floor and multipurpose cleaner bottles are made from 100% recycled material and are 100% recyclable.


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