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Bostik Shoe Repair Adhesive 25 ML

Shoe Adhesive is quick drying leaving a clear and almost invisible glue line that provides a strong water-resistant bond with excellent aging properties. Suitable for most shoe repairs such as fixing of soles to uppers, and replacing rubber onto heels. Ideal for repair of leather handbags, luggage, lampshades and upholstery. Also suitable as a general purpose glue for DIY repairs around the house and for arts and craft. Adheres to leather, felt, canvas, paper, metals, wood, glass, stone, PVC, ABS, Perspex, fiberglass, soft PVC, and some rubbers. May not be suitable on some composite materials, rubbers and plastics such as polypropylene and polyethylene used to manufacture shoes.

  • Extra strong.
    Water resistant.
    Flexible bond.


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