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Ola Vanilla Ice Cream 1.8l

OLA Rich 'n Creamy Vanilla Flavoured Frozen Dessert is a family-favourite with a creamy vanilla flavour.
What would a children's birthday or family special occasion be without that favourite ice cream dessert? How do you give yourself a sneaky little treat at midnight if there's no frozen dessert in the freezer to dip into? What would life be, in short, without everyone's favourite Rich 'n Creamy ice cream flavoured frozen desserts? Not nearly as much fun, that's for sure. OLA Rich 'n Creamy comes in a range of tasty ice cream flavours to keep everyone in the family happy, and the 1.8L OLA tub is a perfect size for family feasting. Rich 'n Creamy tastes like a luxury treat, but it's an affordable dessert that you can include in the grocery trolley without having to pinch pennies. OLA knows that ice cream is that one magic ingredient that can make your problems melt away, and bring friends and family together over a bowl of sweet and delicious treats. For nearly 100 years, OLA has been one of the world's favourite frozen treat makers, bringing you ice creams, ice lollies, and so much more. So make sure you have OLA Rich 'n Creamy ice cream tubs in your freezer, and you'll never be short of a fun dessert idea.

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