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Ola Gino Ginelli Creme Brulee Ice Cream 1.4l

Custard flavoured ice cream with caramel sauce, toped with caramelised sugar brittle.
The Ola Gino Ginelli Gelateria range of ice cream desserts is the cherry on top of any special occasion. But why wait for a special occasion? This deliciously decadent ice cream is the perfect treat for any time, so make sure you always have a tub (or two) in the freezer. Life has plenty of moments that are worth celebrating when you have a luxurious and indulgent dessert to enjoy. Perfectly chosen quality ingredients blended to compliment and enhance one another ensure that Gino Ginelli ice cream looks and tastes just as fabulous as you'd expect from an Italian-inspired gelateria ice cream. Serve it in gorgeous sugar cones or in pretty bowls. You don't need any special extras to make Gino Ginelli ice cream stand out from the crowd. Every tub of Ola Gino Ginelli ice cream is like a work of art, delighting your senses and your guests. You'll be the most popular dinner party host in town when Gino Ginelli ice cream is on the dessert menu. Try all the Ola Gino Ginelli ice cream flavours to decide which one will be your favourite. Will it be Choc Nut Brownie, Crème Brûlee, Strawberry Pavlova, or perhaps Hazelnut Praline?

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