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Knorrox Mutton Stock Cubes 12s

Knorrox Mutton Stock Cubes add meaty flavouring to any meal.
Knorr Mutton Stock Cubes contain rosemary, thyme and coriander spices to layer a delicious richer meaty taste. Make tasty stock in minutes with boiling water and Knorrox stock cubes. Just add cubes to hot water and stir to dissolve, then pour the liquid stock into your dish. Since 1968, South African cooks have relied on the meaty flavour of Knorrox stocks to flavour food. From curries to stews, umcimbi, isishebo, bobotie, and more, Knorrox stock cubes pack in flavour to make your home cooking taste even better. One or two stock cubes are all you need to create delicious meals with a flavourful mix of herbs and spices. When a recipe calls for a bouillon cube, reach for your Knorrox chicken, beef, mutton, chilli, oxtail or curry stock cubes. See the full range of Knorrox Halaal-certified stocks, soups, soya and spices at You'll also find recipes for contemporary and traditional South African cuisine and umcimbi meals like Usu and Istambu. Knorrox helps you to make the most of your ingredients, for meals that are richer in flavour and easier on your budget. Knorrox Stock Cubes have a shelf life of up to 18 months, so you can always have flavour at hand in your store cupboard.

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