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Robertsons Rajah Curry Powder Medium 50g

Rajah Medium curry powder is made from the finest blend of spices- including turmeric, coriander, cumin and chillie - to give you the colour, taste and aroma that you, your family and friends love. Medium curry powder is GMO Free, has no added msg and is non-irradiated, giving you a more natural finish to your curry powder. It is mild enough for the whole family providing you with meals good for kids. It can be used in stews, sishebos, currys, as a marinade, in vegetarian dishes or in any other meal that requires seasoning. It is popularily used for chicken curry, beef stews, chicken curry and is also known as a neccessary ingredient for family meals. Known as the main ingredient when frying onion or at the early stages of a meal preparation, the medium curry powder is perfect for any dish. Rajah curry powders are perfect for any occasion be it a normal family dinner, dinner with friends, traditional events like umsebenzi, umembeso, umemulo and weddings. Rajah prides itself in being a versatile curry powder or spice mix suitable for all age groups whether young, millennial or older. Once auntie starts making that beef stew, visitors and family are drawn by Rajah's irresistible, mouth-watering aroma. How better to bring people together than with Rajahs captivating and inviting aromatic blend? With a rich heritage passed on from generation to generation, you are assured great quality spices, exceptional flavor and unforgettable aroma.
Create delicious meat or vegetarian curries using this carefully blended curry spice mix. Robertsons Rajah Medium curry powder is made from the finest blend of spices - including turmeric, coriander, cumin and chilli - to give you delicious colour, taste and aroma. The medium heat of this curry powder will add flavour to your curries and stews, and is gentle enough for the whole family to enjoy. The medium spice blend is perfect for a mutton curry or for a lentil curry for a vegetarian dish, but it can be used with any meat or vegetable to produce a mild, aromatic dish that's full of flavour. With 500g of meat, a Knorrox stock cube and just one teaspoon of Robertsons Rajah Curry powder combined with onion, tomato and veg, you can produce a delicious meal for four. No fiddling around with different herb and spice combinations. Rajah has already done the work for you by combining the perfect spices in a balanced blend that adds flavour and depth to your meal, with just a bit of heat for that authentic South African curry feel. Robertsons spices are sourced from sustainable growers around the world for their depth of flavour and quality of spice. Rajah curry powder contains no added MSG.
Store in cool Dry place.

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