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Nestle Cerelac Infant Cereal Regular 500g

Cerelac instant cereals include a range of nutritious, easily-digested instant cereals. Suitable as a complementary food for infants from six months onwards, when breast milk alone no longer meets the baby's growing nutritional requirements. It is not a breast milk substitute

  • (1) NESTLE CERELAC Infant cereal Regular 500g for your baby from 6 months.
    (2) A convenient wheat based infant cereal with skimmed milk.
    (3) Cereal Hydrolysed Enzymatically (CHE) process means NESTLE CERELAC is easy to digest and gentle on little tummies.
    (4) Helps your baby adapt easily from milk to solid food.
    (5) Reduced Sweetness


Use within 4 weeks of opening. Seal bag once opened.

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