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Medical Services Clinics

Our clinic sisters in each store offer a wide range of different services at an affordable fee.

The sisters attend courses on new innovations at least four times a year and are often seen at diabetic marathons and awareness days, where they get involved with the communities and help to diagnose symptoms and offer advice.

We will also be offering first aid courses for parents and domestics which include what to do in case of CPR, drowning and choking as well as monthly talks on different ailments.

  • Young children, particularly babies, do not have the well-developed immune systems that older children and adults have.
  • It's therefore required that during the first few years of a child's life that they get vaccinated to protect the child against the most serious childhood infectious diseases.
  • Contact our sisters to find out about the recommended immunisation schedules for children.
  • Reminders when next immunizations are due.
  • Worried about your child's development, our clinic sisters can help monitor your child's milestones and recommend any additional help that your child may need in the earlier stages.
  • Identifying developmental problems in the early stages is more beneficial for our children in the long run.
  • Pick n Pay service clinics offers access to preferred contraceptive methods for woman and couples, securing well-being and supporting the health and development of communities.
  • Family planning enables people to make informed choices.
  • High cholesterol usually doesn't cause any signs or symptoms, it is therefore very important to have your cholesterol tested to determine your risk.
  • Cholesterol is a substance that our bodies use to break down dietary fats – it produces hormones that build cell walls and manufacture Vitamin D, which means everybody is at risk.
  • Use this important tool we offer to monitor your health.
  • The single best way to protect yourself and your family against the flu, is to get vaccinated each year. The flu virus changes strains yearly and therefore a vaccine is required annually.
  • Feeling constantly tired, ask our clinic sisters about the benefits of vitamin B injections.
  • We offer pregnancy testing at all our clinics with expert advice on essential supplements needed during pregnancy.
  • Do you need guidelines of what to eat during pregnancy – speak to the Pick n Pay Dietitian.
  • Knowing your status can prolong your life expectancy.
  • Our qualified sister offers testing and counselling of patients with the necessary privacy.
  • Our qualified sisters are trained in wound assessments and treatment, taking all the factors into consideration to ensure the fastest optimum healing.
  • Our skin is an essential organ and needs great care if broken, burnt or damaged.
  • Stitch removal.
  • Our sisters can give you excellent dietary advice as well as information on a healthy eating plan.
  • Through monitoring your outcomes we help you achieve your goals and keep off those unwanted centimetres in a healthy way.
  • This is a handy tool to help monitor asthma patients.
  • Check your lung capacity, especially if you had any recent asthmatic problems or are working in very dusty surroundings.

Swipe your Smart Shopper card for all dispensing fees, clinic services and select products. Legislation states that we cannot offer loyalty points on scheduled medicines.