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Doing Good

in the local community

We seek to play a role in poor communities, through short and longer-term initiatives, as part of our multi-faceted contribution to the socio-economic transformation of the country..
Feed the nation

Over half a million people in our nation need food.

Which is why Pick n Pay, together with partners, have united their efforts to provide an opportunity for everyone to help Feed The Nation. By collecting donations made by shoppers at till points in-store or online, Feed The Nation has collectively raised millions of Rands and provided millions of meals to children and other vulnerable individuals, including the disabled. Proving that we can do better - and will continue to do so - if we work together.


we learn by talking together.
Sifunda Ngokuthetha

 Educational projects


The Pick n Pay School Club has been operating since 2003 and has become one of the most influential and dynamic public-private educational initiatives in South Africa. The Club reaches over 3000 schools and makes much-needed educational resources available to those who need it the most.

community food gardens 
 Educational projects

supporting community food gardening since 2013

The Ackerman Pick n Pay Foundation partners with several organisations to establish rural and urban food gardens, as well as convert a few of them into training gardens. These projects both feed communities and allow for the sale of surplus produce.

promoting water resilience

The Foundation has rolled out Water Resilience Programme in partnership with Siyazisiza Trust, which supports community based, small agricultural projects with drip irrigation, water tanks, boreholes and water conservation training.

 our communities

We have supported the Velokhaya Life Cycling Academy for the past 15 years. Since 2004, their cycling and education programmes have assisted 1500 young people to become champions both on and off their bicycles.


Pick n Pay is the biggest retail donor to the food security agency FoodForward SA (formerly FoodBank). Through our partnership, FoodForward has been able to provide food to more than 4450 beneficiary organisations across the country, which in turn provide more than 11 million meals a year.

“The food donations are distributed over six months, ensuring we are able to provide beneficiaries with a varied basket of nutritious foods. The generosity and support of this Mandela Day Food Drive directly benefits thousands of people.
Andy du Plessis, Managing Director, FoodForward SA