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Till Slip just got smarter and greener

To save time and paper, and to make finding your receipts easier for you, choose digital receipts! Instead of getting a long paper receipt with every purchase, you'll get a short summary and can have the full version sent directly to your email. Need a physical receipt? Not to worry – you can still ask your cashier for a printed receipt if you need one!

Sign up online on your profile by clicking here, or head to the Pick n Pay app, select 'Preferences' and check the box for digital receipts.

Why choose digital receipts?

Shorter receipts =
less paper!

We’re cutting down on paper
usage as part of our commitment
to sustainability.

Easy to find

No more digging in a bag or
wallet – they’re all in
your email!

Saves you time

Find, categorise, copy and share
your receipts easily from
your email.

Go paperless >

Got any questions?

1. Why switch to digital receipts?
2. How does it work?
3. How do I opt-in for digital receipts?
4. Can I still get a printed till slip if I want one?
5. Is this offer for everyone?
6. What email address will be used?
7. What if I need to return something?
8. Do I have access to these digital receipts in-store?
9. How long do you keep records of the receipts?
10. If I don’t want to receive the emails anymore, where do I turn this option off?
11. How long will it take to get my digital receipt?
12. How do I check my email address?
13. I didn’t get my digital receipt, what do I do?
14. I still don’t have my digital receipt, what now?