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PnP Mobile Application Terms and Conditions

The PnP Mobile Privacy Policy and PnP Mobile standard T&Cs apply to this service.

PnP Mobile App Features

  • Allows PnP Mobile users to check their airtime and data balances
  • Viewing of PnP Mobile eligibility status and reward balances
  • Viewing of Smart Shopper points balances
  • Purchases of data and airtime
  • Self-RICA process
  • Linking of a Smart Shopper card to a PnP Mobile SIM card
  • Transfer of purchased and rewards data
  • Have access to important support information such as Call Centre contact details
  • Convert airtime to data
  • Pay using Smart Shopper Rands
  • Pay with bank card supporting 3d-secure
  • Save bank cards info for future purchases

Please note that all features might not be available on all mobile operating systems.

1. PnP Mobile shall not be held responsible for any injury, loss, expense or damage of any kind whatsoever, howsoever arising suffered or incurred by any person who accesses, downloads or uses this application or uses any services offered via this application, or relies on any information provided via this application, including:

  1. errors or discrepancies in the information provided
  2. any unauthorised access of this application by third parties
  3. any breakdown or failure of any equipment or medium of access to this application
  4. any failure or unavailability of any of PnP Mobile's or any third parties' facilities or systems resulting in the inability to access this application or process any transaction referred to or offered via this application
  5. the destruction or accessing of the User's data or equipment
  6. any alteration, modification, upgrade or update of this application or any technology, hardware or application modification that may form part of this application

2. The User hereby indemnifies PnP Mobile against any demand, claim or action against PnP Mobile relating to or in connection with the User's use or accessing of this application whether directly or indirectly for any reason whatsoever.

3. PnP Mobile reserves the right in its absolute discretion to alter, modify, upgrade, update, suspend or withdraw this application or any part hereof at any time.

4. Unless expressly stated to the contrary PnP Mobile owns the intellectual property rights in and to this application and the unauthorised use thereof is expressly prohibited.

5. To proceed in using this service, the Privacy & T&Cs must be accepted via the specified device, PnP Mobile will proceed with allowing the login and onboarding of a SIM card, and show the balances and all other account info to the User.

6. PnP Mobile does not guarantee continuous real-time provisioning of the application or any other systems and shall not be held responsible for any injury, loss, expense or damage of any kind whatsoever suffered or incurred by the User due to such lack of real-time provisioning.

7. The User agrees that PnP Mobile shall not be held responsible for any injury, loss, expense or damage of any kind whatsoever suffered or incurred by the User due to the delay of data being sent and received or any data that may be lost, as the User is aware that the prevailing data transfer technologies are of such a nature that data may be delayed or lost due to reasons beyond the control of PnP Mobile. Causes of such delay may include but not necessarily be limited to:

  1. the time of day the User will be receiving or sending such data;
  2. the speed at which the data is sent or received;
  3. the weather and area;
  4. the type of device/s used to transfer such data; or
  5. the amount of Users on a particular network at a location at any particular time.

8. Use of the mobile application is subject to these Terms and Conditions. Insofar as it is necessary, required by law or beyond the reasonable control of PnP Mobile, PnP Mobile reserves the right to vary the nature of the application or these Terms and Conditions, or cancel this application upon notice in this regard being published on or in another appropriate medium.

9. PnP Mobile reserves the right to vary or amend any pricing or charges relating to this application.


PnP Mobile will in no event be liable for lost or interrupted data, messages, packets, or other information transmitted to or from third party networks, if the loss or interruption takes outside of the PnP Mobile Network.


To download the PnP Mobile app, subscribers can visit their respective app stores to download the app. Standard rates will apply when downloading and using the PnP Mobile app. Links to external sources from within the app may be charged for.

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