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A digitally smart bank that backs your potential.

It's About Tyme

Pick n Pay has partnered with a new kind of bank that is digitally smart. The money TymeBank saves by not having branches means that you pay a lot less for banking. Plus, the TymeBank Visa debit card is the only bank card in South Africa that earns you Smart Shopper points EVERYWHERE you use it. Not just inside Pick n Pay!

Only carry one card in your wallet

Swipe your TymeBank card at the till to earn Smart Shopper points and to pay for purchases. The points you’ve already earned on your old blue Smart Shopper card are automatically linked to your TymeBank card and any new bonus points you earn for using the card as a Smart Shopper card are added to your balance at the end of every month.

Earn double points

Use your TymeBank card as both your Smart Shopper and your payment card. Earn DOUBLE Smart Shopper points every time you use your TymeBank card to swipe and pay at Pick n Pay!

Earn Smart Shopper points EVERYWHERE you shop

Pay with your TymeBank card and earn one Smart Shopper point for every R10 you spend – no matter where you shop. These points will be awarded at the end of every month.

As a TymeBank account holder you enjoy these great benefits:

  • No monthly fees and many everyday banking transactions are FREE.
  • Get access to a powerful savings tool called GoalSave. Put money in, take money out, with no restrictions, fees or penalties. Leave it in a bit longer to earn as much as 8%* interest per annum.
  • Bank on the go with the TymeBank Android SmartApp and mobile-friendly Internet Banking site.

How to open an account and get your TymeBank Visa debit card today

TymeBank Spend and Receive Promotion