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Pick n Pay

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Pick n Pay Online shopping?
How do I start shopping online?
Why is it recommended that I sign up and provide my delivery address before I start shopping?
Can I browse as a guest?
I’m viewing the site as a guest. How do I register?
How do I log in?
Do I need to log in each time I shop online?
Whoops, I forgot my password. What do I do now?
Help! I need a little more assistance with online shopping.


How do I find the products I’m looking for?
How do I add a product to my trolley?
How do I see and/or update the items in my trolley?
How do PnP Online’s personal shoppers select fresh produce for my order?
Can I remove several products from my trolley at once?
Can I save my items to a shopping list for future use?
What if a product I’ve chosen isn’t available when you’re preparing my order?
What if I don’t want substitutes if my chosen products aren’t available?
Can I pick exactly which substitutes I want if my first choice isn’t available?
What if I have a specific request about a product I’ve ordered?
Do I have to use shopping bags?
Can I place an order in advance?
Can I place a very large order?


How do I create a shopping list?
How do I add items to my shopping list?
Where can I view my shopping lists?


How do I delete a shopping list?


Are promotions valid if my delivery date falls after the promotion ends?


Why can’t I find my address?
Do you deliver to my area?
If I can’t find my address in the dropdown menu options, can I add it in the delivery instructions?
If you don’t deliver to my area, is it possible that you might in the future?
How do I book a delivery slot?
How do I change my delivery address?
How do I add another delivery address?
Can my delivery time be changed?
How much does delivery cost?
Why is there a delivery charge?
When are deliveries made?
What can I do if my reserved delivery slot expires while I'm still shopping?
Oops, I missed my delivery. Can I reschedule it?
How do I check out?
How do I know if my order was successful?
What payment options are available?
Can I use my Smart Shopper store account to pay for purchases at
How secure are online payments at
What is 3D secure?
Why do I need to enter my card details if I’m paying for my entire purchase with Smart Shopper rands?
Why do you do a R2 payment authorisation on my credit card when I pay for my entire purchase with my Smart Shopper rands?
When will payment be taken for my order?
Why is the final total of my order different to the original order amount?
What happens if my payment fails?
Will I get a receipt?
Are prices in the store the same as online?
Can I save my credit card details for future use?
What is 3D Secure?
How does 3D Secure work?
How will 3D Secure affect my online shopping experience?
How do I sign up for 3D Secure?
How long does it take for 3D Secure to become active on my card once I’ve signed up?
I’m having difficulty setting up and/or using 3D Secure. What should I do?
What happens if I incorrectly enter the OTP?
How much does 3D Secure cost?
Why did my 3D Secure transaction fail?
Can I use 3D Secure on any computer?
Where can I find more information about enrolling for 3D Secure with my particular bank?


How can I view my previous purchases?
How do I amend an order after I've placed it?
How do I change specific products and/or quantities in an order I’ve already placed?
What if my amended order amount is different to the original order amount?
Can I cancel an order?
How do I cancel my order?


Who will make the delivery?
What happens if I'm out when you deliver my order?
What if my order has missing, unwanted or damaged items?
What if my delivery is late?
How do I return products?
How are refunds processed?
How do I return items for recycling to the delivery person?
How do I earn Smart Shopper points online?
How do I check my Smart Shopper points balance?
What should I do if I need to change my Smart Shopper details?
Can I register with someone else's Smart Shopper card?
How do I switch my Smart Shopper points to rand value on my Smart Shopper card?
How do I use my Smart Shopper personal discounts?
Must I be a registered Smart Shopper to place an online shopping order?
Where can I find out more about Smart Shopper?
What if I have forgotten my password and/or need to change it?
How do I change my personal details?
How do I opt in or out for marketing information?
Do you have recipes on your site?
Can I review products on your site?
Where can I find out about other Pick n Pay services and events?
Where can I find your terms and conditions?
Can I buy a TV online at
What is Click n Collect?
Which stores offer a Click n Collect service?
How do I book a collection slot?
What if I am late on the day of collection?
Can I pay in-store when I collect?
Why do I need to choose a specific collection slot?
Where do I go in-store to collect my order?
What does it cost to use the Click n Collect service?
Can I add products to my order when I come in to collect?
How do refunds work?
What are collection points?


I want to do my weekly business shop on credit. Can I apply for a trade account?
What are the benefits of setting up a trade account?
How can I set up my Pick n Pay trade account?
How long does it take to set up my trade account?


Why are you charging me a day before my delivery is due?
Why are you introducing a payment authorisation check?
What is payment reservation?
When is the money for my order deducted from my bank account?
Why is the authorisation amount more than my order amount?
When will the reserved amount be released by my bank?
Will I be charged additional banking fees?
Will I ever be charged twice – when you reserve funds, and again when you finalise the payment?


What is Delivery Saver?
How many deliveries do I get per pack?
How much does Delivery Saver cost?
Do Delivery Saver vouchers expire?
How do I get Delivery Saver?
How do I use my Delivery Saver vouchers?
Is there a minimum spend when using Delivery Saver vouchers?
I’ve forgotten my Delivery Saver code.
Why is my Delivery Saver voucher code not working?


Why did payment fail for my online shopping order?
What happens if my payment fails?
How long will I have to update my payment information?
What is the process I need to follow to update my payment information?
What happens if I miss the cut-off time, or if my payment update isn’t successful?


What happens if I lose my Smart Shopper card?
How does a Smart Shopper sign up?
Who do I contact if I have any queries on Smart Shopper?
Why did Smart Shopper introduce personalised discounts?
How long are my points valid for?
When were customers told points older than a year would expire?
Where did my points go?
How do I know if I have points expiring?
Why did you change the validity of points?
How do I claim my personal discounts / vouchers?
How do I check / update my contact details?
If I don't have an e-mail can I still get offers?
My friend / family member got x and I didn't, why not?
Will we still get discounts on certain items? (instant savings)
How long is the switched Rand value from Smart Shopper points available on a card?
How long is the switched Rand value from Smart Shopper points available on a card?
Does Fresh Living still remain free as a Smart Shopper?
Store account


What is the Pick n Pay Store Account?
What are the Pick n Pay Store Account features and benefits?
Where can I apply for my Pick n Pay Store Account?
How much credit can I get?
How will you determine whether I qualify for a Pick n Pay Store Account?
Where can I use my Pick n Pay Store Account?
How much will the Pick n Pay Store Account cost me?
How and where can I pay my Pick n Pay Store Account?
What is I can’t play my monthly instalment?
How can I check my balance?
What if I lose my card?
What do I need to apply?
What is Customer Protection Insurance?