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Stores and Stock

Will you be open during the lockdown?
What are your lockdown trading hours?
What will Hypermarket lockdown trading hours be?
What are you doing in your stores to keep them clean?
What are cardless payments?
What if one of your staff members tests positive for COVID-19?
Do I need to wear a mask?
Are children allowed in-store?
Why aren’t your staff wearing gloves?
I’d rather not go in-store, how do I shop?

What can I buy?

Are you going to run out of stock?
Are you going to increase prices?

Alcohol & Tobacco Regulations

Will I be able to buy alcohol?
Will I be able to buy cigarettes?
Which restrictions should I be aware of?

Online Shopping

Can I place my order via WhatsApp?
Why can I not get a delivery slot?
Where is my order?
Why can I not amend my order?
Why can't I get through to your Customer Careline?
What precautions are being taken?
What about deliveries?
Do you have limits on stock?
How can I help?
How do I check if my next subscription order is coming?
Why can’t I set up a subscription with Grocery Genius?
How do I quickly reorder and book a new delivery slot?
Why was my Click n Collect order suspended?
How can I view my online shopping invoice?
How do I cancel my Online Shopping order?
Why do you not deliver to my area or suburb?
How do I get a refund for missing products?
Why have I been charged more than what I was invoiced for?
I haven’t received my order but the money has gone off my account
I have been charged for products I did not receive
Why are so many essential items not delivered?
Why has my reserve amount not been released?

Community initiatives

What about the elderly? Aren’t they more at risk?
Are you doing anything to help out healthcare workers?
Can I donate food to help people who can’t afford it?
Can I buy vouchers without going in-store?
I got given a Digital Grocery Voucher, how do I use it?
I don’t always have internet access, can I WhatsApp you?

Information on Covid-19

What is Coronavirus/Covid-19?
How do I reduce the possibility of infection?
What is self-isolation and social distancing?

Home and Hygiene

Cleaning refers to removing germs or dirt off surfaces, while disinfecting is using chemicals to kill the germs. Remember to clean first, then use disinfectant.

How do I keep my home germ-free?
What about my kids?