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Since our national lockdown commenced on Thursday 26 March, we want to reassure you that keeping you supplied with food and other essentials remains our top priority, together with your health and the health of our staff.

How we are keeping you safe during deliveries

Contactless delivery

Drivers sanitise hands before & after delivery

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  • We are devoting even more time and resources to the stringent hygiene and cleaning regimes already in place in our online facilities.
  • Staff across all our sites have access to hand sanitiser and the regular use of this has been added into our picking processes.
  • We will be adding body temperature checks as part of the online site entry requirements.
  • We have put into place protocols to be followed in the event that employees are required to be isolated.
  • In addition, employees may not share face masks, equipment, stationery, utensils or similar items. Designated and adequately trained health and safety officers must take each employee’s temperatures using appropriate equipment or instruments at the start of a shift and every four hours after the shift commences. Records of the temperatures of each employee must be kept. Any employee whose temperature is 37.5 degrees or above should immediately be moved to an isolation observation room for a second measurement. If the second test measurement also exceeds 37.5 degrees, the employee must be returned home for self-quarantine, provided with a surgical mask and not be permitted to enter or stay on the premises.
  • Retailers must put in place collection protocols to ensure that adequate social distancing is maintained by courier or delivery service personnel when collecting goods from a warehouse or depot.

Call centre availability:

Please note that during this period, you might not be able to get through to our call centre, due to the high call volumes.

This does not mean we are not here for you, but please help us by reading through this information page and checking whether any of your questions are answered there.


  • Due to the demand on certain products at this time, we have put limits in place. This is to ensure that we can keep as many customers as possible in stock of essentials.
  • We are working hard together with our suppliers to ensure that we can meet the demand: we have a robust supply chain and we will keep you fed.
  • If you haven't found the item you're looking for, please come back later as we are replenishing stock daily.


We have now implemented no-contact deliveries. When our drivers arrive at your address, they will:

  • Ring the bell, and stand back.
  • Once you answer the door, your order will be conveniently placed at a safe distance.
  • The driver will then record your name, with the date and time of service in front of you, so you won't need to sign any paperwork.
  • The driver will depart with no direct contact.

We are aware that some delivery slots are booking up quickly – we are working together with our delivery partners to increase the number of slots we have available, so that you can get your order as quickly as possible.

Due to the high volumes of deliveries, there might be some delays with deliveries in certain areas. We will make every effort to contact all affected customers.

If you have requested delivery to a housing estate or gated complex, please inform your access guards that the delivery of groceries is allowed during the lockdown period, as we are considered a critical service.

How you can help:

  • Please help up by buying only what you need, and planning in advance.
  • You can wash your hands before and after accepting a delivery, using the WHO-advised 20 second handwashing technique.
  • The driver will then record your name, with the date and time of service in front of you, so you won't need to sign any paperwork.
    Also, as the Covid-19 pandemic is a very fluid situation at present, we urge you to join our government in combating the spread of infection by keeping informed and up to date on what is happening in our country.
  • You can do this by visiting the national website at for more information.