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I want to update you on the steps that Pick n Pay is taking in response to the outbreak of Coronavirus.

All our actions are focused on supporting the health and well-being of customers and colleagues. We are following the advice of the South African Department of Health, the expert guidance issued by the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD), and the steps set out by President Ramaphosa in his statement on Sunday 15 March.

To help combat the spread of Coronavirus, we have put in place a number of safety measures including:

  • devoting even more time and resources to the rigorous cleaning regimes in our stores
  • enforcing effective hygiene measures for our staff including frequent and proper hand-washing
  • advising our customers on these effective hygiene measures for their own benefit
  • making hand sanitiser more available for customers and staff
  • working closely with shopping centre landlords to ensure they put additional hygiene measures in place

We are keeping our teams up-to-date on developments and making sure all our staff know that if they are sick they must stay at home and seek advice and help from us. We have prohibited international travel and domestic air travel for our people at the present time.

Understandably, as customers act on the advice about effective hygiene measures, they are stocking up on household cleaning and personal hygiene products. Some customers have also stocked up on food and other groceries in recent days. I want to encourage all customers to shop in their usual way, and resist the temptation to stock up beyond what you need. We have an excellent supply chain and an excellent team of suppliers. We will be able to maintain a good and steady supply of food and other products in our stores. If customers help us by shopping normally, we will be able to minimise the number of times we have to limit how many of some specific products each customer can buy.

We also know that, even without any disruption from Coronavirus, many South Africans are struggling to make ends meet in a depressed economy. Rest assured we will never increase the prices of key products just because they are in particular demand during challenges like the Coronavirus outbreak.

We have seen in other countries how Coronavirus can disrupt people's lives, and the President has warned us that the coming weeks will be challenging. I want to give you my personal guarantee that we will do everything we can at all times to make sure you can continue to rely on Pick n Pay for your grocery and other needs throughout this difficult period.

Thank you for your support and for your commitment to Pick n Pay.

My best,
Richard Brasher