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Fundamental Principles

The spirit that guides the company and gives it it’s unique character is driven by the values, and principles that inspired Raymond Ackerman to establish Pick n Pay in 1967. Those values and principles are considered sacrosanct and, despite changing times, new developments, improved technology and radical strategies, they remain consistent.

Fundamental Principles

The core principles that constitute

Pick n Pay’s business activities include:

  • Maintaining abiding values for individuals, in spite of business practices changing with time.
  • Fostering respect for individuals, not as a strategic advantage, but because it is morally correct.
  • Acknowledging the difference between timeless principles and daily business practices.
  • Sticking to values - even if this appears to put us at a competitive disadvantage.

Sustainable Business

For over four decades we have built a truly sustainable business. 

The growth and success of Pick n Pay is attributable to two fundamental principles:

  • An unwavering belief in consumer sovereignty.
  • The application of the “four legs of the table” principle.

These principles were put into practice at the foundation stages of the Company and continue to be the cornerstone of the business.

The four legs of the table

The “four legs of the table” principle follows a simple analogy: The business is essentially likened to a table supported by four legs, on top of which the consumer is positioned. Each leg is required to be equally strong so that the table may remain balanced and upright.

The four legs are comprised of:
  • Administration
  • Merchandise
  • Promotion and social responsibility
  • People

Each leg is equally important to the success and continued sustainability of the business. Each requires, and continues to receive, equal focus and management support.

Building sustainable communities

Sustainability businesses have an important role to play in the building of sustainable communities - a responsibility Pick n Pay embraces wholeheartedly. It is not simply a philanthropic way of thinking; it is an act of enlightened self-interest. In our case, the more economic freedom that exists within South African society, the more scope there will be for growth in the retail market. It is no surprise thatour view is the same as it was at our inception - big business must work together towards securing the economic security and social wellbeing of generations to come.

Truly South African

We are a truly South African company and have always operated in the best interest of our people and our communities. Pick n Pay behaves intrinsically according to our entrenched value system and we have little doubt that we have a positive impact on the lives of South Africans.